Welcome to your role as a Health and Safety Rep with NWAS Unison. This is a brief outline designed to help you settle in to your role. You have just taken a step that will help to improve the working lives of all of your colleagues, regardless of which union they belong to.

Uniquely, the role of a union Health and Safety Rep will see you actively working to improve the Health Safety and Welfare of everyone on the stations that you are responsible for. You will work closely with the service and service managers, building up a relationship of trust and partnership working. Your role is underpinned by legislation that gives you rights to carry out your role that are set in law.

The stage one and two Health and Safety Reps courses will give you the skills and hopefully confidence, to perform your role in liaison with the local NWAS management team. You will have gained the knowledge to allow you to apply legal standards to your work and be able to develop your own systems for assessing and monitoring risks in your workplace.

Your role as a Safety rep includes the carrying out a quarterly station inspection and reporting to the trust at your area Sector Partnership Group (SPG). You will be released from shift if required to carry out this role or overtime or ToIL can be claimed. 6 hours total can be claimed.

You have the backing of Area Lead reps, and can contact them for any issues that you might need help with. You also have a Branch Officer who is responsible for the monitoring and compliance for the whole of the trust area. You are never alone and advice can be sought from many different sources, including several official bodies, all accessible electronically.

Your journey will be one of ups and downs, but the sense of pride and achievement when your actions contribute to changes in the workplace that improve conditions for all your colleagues, is enormous, and you will feel justly proud of your success.


The UNISON 6 Pack






Branch Health and Safety Officer: Graham Green, grahamgreen@nwasunison.co.uk; 07799714729

Cumbria and Lancashire Health and Safety Lead: Roy Jenkins, royjenkins@nwasunison.co.uk; 07581324266

Greater Manchester Health and Safety Lead: Jonathan Reading, jonathanreading@nwasunison.co.uk; 07883066348

Cheshire and Mersey Health and Safety Lead: Caroline Stubbs, carolinestubbs@nwasunison.co.uk

Other reps can be found by scanning the QR code in the diaries. We have lots of experienced reps across the trust and they are more than happy to share their knowledge. Give them a call and broaden your network of like minded colleagues.