Member Briefings


Branch Activity 

A lot goes on behind the scene with our members attending meetings with management in a variety of reason, mainly this is around sickness and absence.

Grievances are also a hot top and something most staff are scared off, this is a formal way of voicing concerns or issues which may need to be done formally via this process, if you think you need to raise a grievance then speak with your local representative. We currently have 107 reps within NWAS UNISON. 

Greater Manchester has 29 reps, Cumbria and Lancashire has 24 reps, Cheshire and Mersey has 11, Patient Transport Services have 24, EOC and NHS111 have 11 reps and we also have 8 manager reps within the branch. 

Active Cases - 139

Sickness/ Absence - 39%

Grievances 7%

Other 54%

AMPDS/ NHS Pathways

There is a lot changing in the control and contact centres across the trust, with pathways training being delivered to more staff in GM and CAM, GM is due to go live with Pathways on 26th July with CAM going live on 9th August.

The trust has commended the training and have told the TUs that Cat 1 and Cat 2 calls have reduced since the implementation of this new triage tool. We await a final verdict once all the trust is live.

Handover Delays

The issue of long delays for crews on the corridor or on the back of the ambulance seems to continue, Unison have raised this again as a concern with NWAS. 

NWAS have an escalation process in place, remember to be highlighting this to the ROCC to be putting pressure on each hospital.

Under no circumstances should a patient be treated on the back of the ambulance by hospital staff, if this happens then ensure you complete a DATIX. 

It's a WIN

Most members will have seen on our new Facebook group that the decision to remove wheelchairs have had a complete U-turn and will be staying on all ambulances.

This is a good win but shows how if we stand together and voice our opinions the trust has to listen. Thanks to everyone who supported this position.

FREE legal services for Members

Members can access free initial legal advice directly from our lawyers on any matter that is not related to work. This entitles members up to 30 minutes of telephone advice. Call 0800 0 857 857

UNISON offers a free standard wills service for members and their partners (if doing a mirror will). We also offer reduced rates for members’ complex wills. Visit the website at and complete the online form.

NWAS UNISON Social Media

Our social media is growing, make sure you follow our pages for general updates on Instagram and twitter…

Instagram: nwas_unison                    Twitter: @NWASUnion

We even have Facebook group with discussion, polls and the latest goings on from your Union, search NWAS Unison.

Sickness/Investigation Meetings 

Always contact your local UNISON Steward to arrange representation as soon as you know a meeting has been arranged. You are entitled to representation at all sickness and investigation meetings and 7 days’ notice to arrange representation. It can stop problems at a later stage. 


The Trust is considering whether to stop buying wheelchairs. The Trust has been informed that wheelchairs are an essential piece of equipment that have reduced staff injuries. Track chairs are not to be used as wheelchairs and previously, when staff injured themselves using the wrong equipment, the Trust did not support them fully. The Trust may be willing to compromise and have a wheelchair that cannot be wheeled into the back of ambulances, so staff will have to take the stretcher or track chair out of the ambulance and transfer their patient outside, no matter what the patient’s condition or the weather. 

Pay Progression Changes 

In 2019, changes were made to the Agenda for Change Agreement that allowed for Pay Progression to be frozen in the even that a staff member got a formal warning. NWAS decided not to implement this straight away due to Covid but have now decided that they intend to implement it in retrospect. We do not consider this to be right so are currently having talks with the management. 

UNISON Membership 

UNISON is the UK’s largest union. Here in NWAS, we are proud to announce that we are the largest growing Branch in the North West Region and our membership topped 4100 members. This achievement has been recognised by UNISON both locally and nationally. 

Covid-19 & Bank Holidays 

The Trust has decided that you will lose your bank holiday leave entitlement if you test positive for Covid and need to isolate on any bank holiday. However, if you have Covid symptoms and cannot test for any reason, or you test negative, but have a temperature, you still need to isolate, but do not lose your bank holiday entitlement. 


UNISON Stewards are not allowed to give Pension Advice. Call ELFS on 01254 786006, email to for your pension questions, or NHS Pensions on 0300 3301351 or 0300 3301346. 

HCPC Referrals 

We have recently had a few Paramedic members referred to the HCPC and this has highlighted a couple of problems. Firstly, it is important to remember that you do NOT have to self-refer to the HCPC just because you are the subject of a complaint. The only times you self-refer are if you get suspended or put onto restricted duties, if you are charged with a criminal offence or in the event that you are dismissed. If you are in any doubt, contact your rep. 

Professional Services Unit - It is really important that referrals to the PSU are made immediately upon you receiving a letter/email form the HCPC. Delays in doing so may result in a worse outcome. 


NWAS want to reintroduce the overtime ban for staff who are returning to work. During the first wave of Covid, it was agreed that the 28-day ban that was in place would be scrapped. Now, the newly formed Sickness Intervention Team are making attempts to reinstate this again. UNISON is 100% opposed to this and in partnership with other NWAS unions we are challenging this decision.