Bus Lane Campaign

After NWAS UNISON lodged a motion at our National Health Conference in 2019, raising concerns about ambulances not being allowed to use bus lanes unless on an emergency, UNISON is campaigning to get local councils to change this ridiculous rule that results in ambulance staff getting fined.

Full details of this campaign can bed found at Bus lane fines for ambulance crews must end, says UNISON | News, Press release | News | UNISON National

Holiday Pay and Overtime Resources and FAQs

Over recent months, UNISON has led negotiations to secure a framework for NHS staff working under NHS terms and conditions (Agenda for Change) in England to ensure that they receive their correct holiday pay.

The NHS terms and conditions handbook, under section 13 already clearly states that pay should be calculated based on what an individual would have received if they had been at work. Until now employers have not consistently included regular overtime in these calculations.

These negotiations were only possible thanks to UNISON members taking legal claims, through a successful organising strategy, which helped to strengthen our position to collectively bargain on behalf of our members.

UNISON made it clear from the outset that employers need to fix historic miscalculations of holiday pay and to prevent these underpayments from reoccurring.

After working through a range of varied and complex fixes to remedy the historic underpayments, trade unions and employers agreed that the fairest approach would be to apply a single percentage to all eligible overtime, including additional time worked by part time staff.

The agreement means that employers will go back 2 full financial years (1 April 2019 to 31 March 2021) and correct historic underpayments for employed staff who meet the eligibility criteria. Payments will be made between April and September 2021.

Here’s a video podcast answering some FAQs about the agreement:


Every month, all NWAS UNISON members are entered into a draw where they can win £50.00.

Most Recent: Catherine Bradey (June 2021)

Month 2: Allison Upton (May 2021)

Month 3: Michelle Ravenscroft (March 2021)

Temporary Agreement Reached

For some time now, UNISON along with colleagues from the other unions have been in talks with the management to try to reach a temporary agreement to help address the increasing numbers of staff absences due to Covid. Amongst the ideas being discussed was the cancellation of the Flip Flop arrangement, the use of e-CFR staff to work on bank as PES Assistants and the introduction of enhanced rates for overtime.

Feedback from our members was loud and clear in that the cancellation of the Flip Flop facility was not an option and UNISON refused to sign up to any agreement that contained this.

UNISON recognised that some other services around the UK were already using the Police, Fire Brigade or the Military to provide blue light drivers, however, we maintained the position that we would only consider the use of these as a last resort and that we had to exhaust all internal options first.

We can now confirm that a temporary agreement has been reached that we expect to be implemented next week, as early as Monday. The agreement allows for the buy back of annual leave, the use of e-CFR's as PES Assistants as well as enhanced payments on overtime. In the event that the Trust is still struggling to maintain adequate emergency cover, NWAS will request Military back up.

Full details of what has been agreed will be released as soon as possible.